“Alice Mitchell is a Mississippi native from Jackson, and her picture book is perfect for little girls who love dressing up in their mama’s clothes.  The story rhymes, which makes for a good read-aloud.  ‘Just imagine my surprise…Bracelets and beads for my disguise…Then, of course, the purse I took…and ran to the mirror for a look.’ This also is a good book for teaching colors and rhyming words.  Give My Mama’s Closet to the mom whose shoes are missing!"

                                      Clara Martin

                                      Clarion Ledger

                                      May 9, 2015


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My Mama's Closet

Poem by Alice Rhea Mitchell
Paintings by Sheryl K. Perry

Little girls watch their mothers all of the time, and every mother has an intriguing boutique behind her closet door. At bedtime or anytime, little girls of all ages will delight in the forty-page book entitled My Mama's Closet by Alice Rhea Mitchell. When the little girl in the narrative poem explores her mother's closet, she spies the corner where her mother has placed items for the little girl to wear. Creatively and carefully, the little girl decides independently, adjusts accordingly, and emerges confidently to reveal the results. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, and not a few dads who love them will read My Mama's Closet again and again; and many a daughter will visit her mother's closet to enact the lines of this real-life scenario. Eighteen charming paintings by watercolorist Sheryl K. Perry vividly depict the little girl's actions, and multi-colored text propels the plot forward with memorable lines that linger long after the reader turns the last page.

Miss Mattie hosted a “Little Lady” tea at the McComb Library. Little girls came to the party, dressed up in their mothers’ clothes with long beads, brimmed hats, and high heels. As the little girls modeled their outfits, Nancy Jackson played “A Pretty Girl Is like a Melody” on her electronic organ. Following the fashion parade, Alice Mitchell read My Mama’s Closet. Then the little girls enjoyed refreshments of finger foods on pink party plates with fruit juice served in stemmed plastic cups. The little girls took home gift bags filled with paper dolls, a feathered fan, and a bookmark.

ISBN: 9781467556934

Price:  $20

Publisher:  Magnolia Gazette Publishing Corporation

About the author:

Alice Rhea Mitchell, a native of Jackson, Mississippi, holds the B.A. degree from Millsaps College and the M.A.T. degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Having taught students at the secondary level in the public schools of Mississippi for twenty-seven years, she is the author of Interdisciplinary Instruction in Reading Comprehension and Written Communication:  A Guide for an Innovative Curriculum, which was published by Charles C. Thomas, Publishers, in 1993, and which was reviewed by Journal of Reading in May 1994.

About the artist:

Sheryl K. Perry earned a B.B.A. degree from the University of Texas at Austin.  A native Texan, she and her family lived in Mississippi for nearly twenty years.  While living in McComb, Mississippi, she studied watercolor with Roger Lawrence, who whetted her appetite to paint more seriously.  Her artwork hangs in private collections both nationally and internationally. An interior design book, The Guide to Home Decorating Indian Style by Priscilla Kohutek, contains a number of her renderings.


Bambinos and OrderUp in San Antonio, Texas, sponsored a story time for My Mama's Closet.  The event included a reading, an art activity, and refreshments.


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